Happy Weekend...Hope it is CHAIRFUL!

I made this card for a StampTV challenge a few weeks back and thought I'd share it here.  We finally have nice weather in my neck of the woods and things have been quite CHAIRFUL around here.  I spent Friday with my hubby running errands and today we did a bit more of that then he washed the cars and I cleaned the house.  Tomorrow is car show day and I'll be taking some of my stamping magazines with me to scope out new ideas.  I got pretty badly sunburned at the last car show we went to a few weekends back, so I'm ahead of the game and already packed the sunscreen!  Today I actually got a bit pink on my neck and tops of legs as I waited in the car for my hubby to pick up some car parts at the auto parts store.  The top was down on the car (my convertible New Beetle) and I guess he got busy chatting (happens all the time...I should've known!) and it just happened. 

Anyway, I'm counting down the days until I'm on vacation, although it's gone from 4 weeks down to three as I've been asked to work another week...oh well, 3 is better than nothing!

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Very cool! Love the paper piecing! I drive a bug too... 74 super beetle!


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