Komen Race for the Cure

Today, my mother, granddaughter and I completed the 3 mile Susan Komen Race for the Cure.  My mom and I try to do the race in spring in Spokane, WA (where we live) and in the fall in Coeur d' Alene, ID (about 1/2 hour away).  It was VERY chilly this morning (32 degrees...BRRR!), but we got lucky because it didn't rain.  My granddaughter had a lot of fun.  I bundled her up tight and she just sat in her stroller taking in the 8,000+ people and eating her snacks.  Here's a photo I snapped of her before we started the walk.  Her baby brother was born about 3 weeks ago, so I figured she would like a little "Grandma Time" with me and my mother.  About 5 minutes after we got in the car to leave when the race was over, she was fast asleep!

Thanks for looking!

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