Busy, Busy, Busy!

That's right...I've been BUSY!!!  I went back to work after my summer break and welcomed 2 new staff along with the other 11 full-time people I supervise.  One of the sites I supervise was moved to another location in an elementary school this summer and this Thursday we FINALLY get to get into the classrooms to unpack.  With only 2 weeks until school starts, it'll be a mad rush.

Next weekend, I am also holding my annual stamp/craft day for friends and family (and friends of family) to come and make some fall and winter projects.  I've been really busy trying to figure out projects, order supplies and make samples.  This week I'll be prepping everything AND making some goodies to share (banana bread, lemon muffins, etc), oh, and I can't forget the housework that needs to be done :)

Anywho, I actually have made a few things in the last few weeks and here are some of them (some were for magazine submissions that I'm waiting to hear back from, so you can't see those yet).  I will be back later in the week (hopefully) to share some of the samples I made for this coming weekend.


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