Did you think I forgot?

Well, I didn't, life has just been extremely busy around here.  I decided to go back to school and am currently taking 3 MS Office classes: Word, PowerPoint and Excel.  One can never get too smart or too bored, so that's why I decided to start up again.  Besides, I figure it can only help me in my job.  I've been busy doing homework and haven't had much time to commit to cards or crafting, but I think this week will be a turning week for me (last week I had meetings three days after work and was priveledged to have my granddaughter over a bit one evening while her momma went to school... looks like that will happen again this week...I just love it!).  Anyway, I will post on here after I get a card or two done later this week.  I had hoped today would be the day to start up again, but homework was my focus and I played all weekend with my hubby driving around and enjoying the unusually warm weather we've been having...56 degrees today!
Thanks for looking!

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