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So, it all started about 2 1/2 weeks ago...I came down with flu-like symptoms.  Now remember, I am a manager in a good-size child care center (100 children 75+ staff/volunteers).  Although I try my best to steer clear of the ill-feeling little ones and staff, sometimes it does catch up with me.  Anyway, I got pretty sick and took a couple days off to get better.  I was feeling a lot better, went back to work and a few days later, felt sick again.  I took a couple more days off (Thursday and Friday a week ago) and used the weekend to recoop.  I felt 95% Monday with just a mild cough and went to work as usual, worked the week and felt a bit under the weather again on Thursday evening.  I drank some of that nasty Theraflu to knock me out, woke up Friday feeling okay, went to work and slowly went downhill.  By Saturday morning, I thought I was going to die!  My husband insisted I go to the doctor, and he didn't have to twist my arm much to get me to go.  Long story somewhat short, I now have bronchitis and have been put under doctor's orders to be home resting until Wednesday.  That being said...I'm resting, but I'm also bored!  Hence the new blog design.  See, and you thought I would never get to the end of my story.

Now for the award part of the post.  Jennie, one of CCS DT buddies gave me an award:

This award actually made me smile as well.  Thanks Jennie!

Now on Jennie's blog, she has some great examples of the projects she creates and she made mention of 5 things people didn't know about her.  One of those things was that she is not into sports.  I am similar to her in that I am not much into sports and my idea of sports is listening to Nascar as my husband watches a race in the family room as I create in my craft room.  That being said, I do have to mention that I have actually met Jack Roush from Roush Racing.

My husband and I are actually car buffs and I had a pretty fancy Mustang (yes, those are pink stripes), but traded it for something I could drive in the snow (yep, we get lots of here in eastern Washington!).  I actually still see my car driving around town as another gal bought it and LOVES it the way it is!  It might be fast, but I sure love my Beetle.  Top down in the summer, snow driving in the winter.

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  1. well, another Nascar fan!! love that car! I would have bought it...but changed the number to 88 LOL...surprised Olga hasnt seen this yet! so sorry you have been so sick!


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