Papertrey April Blog Hop Challenge

I can't believe April is almost over.  Soon we will be enjoying the long summer days full of sunshine, warmth, fresh garden vegetables and some fun day trips to the lake.  For now, it's still a bit chilly.  In fact, it's been raining off and on all day...a good day for sipping tea and making cards.  For the card I made for this challenge, I used Papertrey's Year of Flowers: Mums and Reasons to Smile stamp sets.

Papertrey's Inspiration Photo

My Smile Card



  1. Lovely card!! I like the wreath encircling the flower in the middle. Congrats on your BH win!

  2. Your card definitely puts a smile on my face. Great idea to surround your flower with the wreath. Congrats on your win! I'm SO excited to finally win too. : )

  3. Sweet 'smile' card, Shelly! Love that wreath every time I see it ~ need to move it up on the Wish List :-)
    PS: Congrats on the win too!

  4. So pretty, Shelly! Congrats on winning!


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